How I Became A Photographer | Edinburgh Photographer

I was thinking that it is about time for me to write about how I became a photographer.

When my kids were born, I decided to stay home with them full time. So, when they grew a little older, I thought that they no longer needed my help as much, therefore I decided to look into finding something to work from home, but it had to be within the mum’s hours of 9-3.

Meanwhile, I started 3 blogs. The first was for cooking recipes, the second was for traveling and the last was about fashion for women over 40’s. In all 3 blogs, I was required to post photos, and I realized, I needed to learn the right way of using my camera if I wanted to have good quality images. Until that moment, I never had former training or education in photography, so I began to do my research and started to learn one step at the time.

In that same period, we had a tragic event in our family that change many things for us. My mother in law suddenly passed away and it took our family a long time to grieve. After a while, when all of us were ready to talk about her life and remember all the happy moments, I decided to start a little project for my kids and my husband. I wanted to create a photo album of her, to remember her life and all the happy memories. When I started the search for photos, I was shocked from what I discovered. I could not find any photo of all five of us as a family. There were photos of her and the kids, her and my husband, her and me or her alone. But never all five of us together. That was the first shock. The second shock was when searching for photos of her, I discovered that I was the mumtographer in the family (the mum who was taking photos of her kids but never being in the photos). I was missing from photos with my kids from a few years back, and that just made me so sad. If something bad happened to me at that time, like it happened to my mother in law, my kids would not have any recent photos with me. That completely horrified me.

While searching and looking into older photos from many years back, I realized that photography was very much present in my life. I have been photographing for the past 20 years and I did not realize that. From all those photos, I have noticed that I was photographing every place that we visited. I was taking photos of my kids and husband every day. I was capturing every event. That was the moment that I realized that photography was my passion, but I never acknowledged it as that.

Meanwhile, as all this was happening, I was still determent to learn how to use my camera correctly. So, one day, as I was surfing the internet for information, by accident, I came across a photographer who spoke to me with everything that she creates, teaches and stands by. That was the moment that I realized, I will become a professional photographer and pursue my passion. I want to help women be more present in photographs with their loved ones. So, from there my journey started. On the way, many people discouraged me and tried to put me down, but my love for photography was so strong, that I suppressed all those discouragements and negative opinions and moved forward. Now, a few years later, I can honestly say that I have been the happiest I have ever been, and I loved every step of the way of my journey. It is hard work, but I love it, and my biggest reward, is seeing the smiles on my clients faces when they see the photos for the first time. I live for that moment. I love creating lifelong memories for families or helping women put themselves out there for their success in the business world, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for me.

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