What should I wear for my Headshots or Personal Branding photoshoot?

What should I wear for my Headshots or Personal Branding photoshoot?

This is one of the most common question that is asked before any photoshoot, and I’m afraid the answer is not simple, but it depends on many factors.

First and most important factor is, what is the purpose for your photos. What is your message you would like to transmit? What is your business? Where is your workplace? How would you like your client to see you? It depends on your personality. What are your brand colours? What is your favourite colour?

Those are just few of the factors and believe me they are many more. That is why, usually, before your photoshoot, you will have a consultation with me, and we will go through all of the questions above and design the shoot for your specific needs and liking.

Here is a simple example of my self-portraits, how the same-coloured top, but different lighting setups, pose, camera angle, eyes expression, hair, make up and background can give you a different message.

Therefore, my personal opinion is to discuss this with your photographer, and he or she will help you to design your photoshoot only for you.


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