The Importance Of Headshots And Profile Photos

Before I became a photographer, I had a few different businesses, and I must admit I was one of those people who never knew the importance of headshots or branding photos. For each business, I had a website/blog and social media accounts ready and running, but I was ignoring to add my profile photo in any of them. At that time, I didn’t accept the fact that we all live in digital times, where everything is mostly online, and if we want a successful business, we have to put ourselves out there. I was still a very close-minded person with a strong opinion of “not wanting to expose myself online”.
Little did I know that the profile photo is in fact our first impression for our clients, and we all know how important that FIRST impression is.

Having a good, professionally done headshot is creating trust and credibility for our clients. It connects the brand with the face, and that way, your clients will know, who is the person behind the business and whom they will talk to.

Having a headshot or branding photoshoot is not an expense but an investment that pays off in the end.

So let’s create an image that you are proud of.

I’m now open for booking outdoor sessions for April.

The lovely lady in the phots is Sandra from Chiya & Chai

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