The Importance Of Networking

When you start learning about marketing, you will find out that they are many ways of promoting your business, and one of them is Networking. At those events, you will have the chance to meet with like-minded people and introduce yourself and your business. I know for many people this can be a very scary thing to do, but because now all those events are online, I think we should all take an advantage of the situation and boost up our confidence by attending those online events and be more prepared for whenever they will resume face to face. I know I did it.

In the past year due to the Covid restrictions, like many others, I could not work, but that did not stop me from connecting, learning, and growing. I found a few of the local networking clubs that are the right ones for me and my business, and I am attending their events a few times a month. The way I am seeing it, Networking is not a quick fix to your problems, but it is a long-term investment into your business.

That is how I met the lovely lady in the photos, Pinky. She is the founder of, a Global Network for Women. It is a group of lovely ladies that are incredibly supportive, helpful, and inspiring. I absolutely enjoy every session with them and cannot recommend them enough to you.

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