The Importance of Posting Photos Of Yourself And Your Team

A few days ago, I was asked why do I post photos of myself on my website or social media. Well, the answer is simple. As solopreneur or business owner I am the face of my business and if I want people to trust me enough and hire me for my photographing services, I need to show them who I am.

The human brain works very funny and usually to memorise something our brain does that by associating thigs. And in this case, the best association is the face with a name. We will much easily memorise a business name or service if we are connecting it with a face.

Even statistics show that whoever has photos of their team on the website or social media has the better chances to get hired for the services or product that they are offering to their clients. Photos of the team as well are helping for building trust and connections before they even contact you.

So, to answer the question of why I post photos of myself is to build trust and connection with my clients even before they contact me.

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