New haircut – New Profile Photo

After one year and so, I finally had my haircut done and a few days ago I updated my profile photo on all the platforms that I use. Yesterday while catching up with one of my close friends, in our conversation came up my profile photo change and she said to me: But you look the same why did you change it. And I thought I might tell you the answer because many people have this same question too.

When you have any physical transformation from hairstyle or hair colour, weight loss or gain, new wardrobe style etc, to your family and friends you look the same. I mean, they will notice the change but for them, you will always be you, your authentic self. That is why my friend told me that I look the same because for her no matter what crazy change I do I will always be me.  

But for your clients, that is an entirely different story. Don’t take me wrong, your existing clients will still recognize you but for them and for your future clients that can be a sign of unprofessionalism and that will definitely affect your credibility. In my opinion, to run a successful business you must show professionalism at any time, therefore if any changes happened, from service or staff changing to physical appearance it must be up to date on all platforms that we use professionally.

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