The importance of professional Pet Photography

Meet Charlie, isn’t he cute? I had so much fun photographing him and his family. He is the new family addition and they wanted to have a portrait capturing him being a puppy before he grows, and we all know they do pretty fast. I’m very happy that they did that because they will cherish those portraits forever and that’s why today I wanted to write a little bit about the importance of pet photography.

According to the PDSA, it’s estimated that 49% of UK adults have some kind of pet living with them, with 25% having cats, 24% having dogs and there are over 1 million pet rabbits in UK households too. So, if pets have become a part of our families there’s much more call for doggy day-care, accessories and clothing, great medical care, and yes, pet photography!

I think it’s important to take photos of your pets, but there’s a big difference between a snapshot and a photo portrait. I genuinely believe that each one has its place. Taking a cute picture of your cat playing with her feather toy, or your dog when he’s sleeping upside down on the sofa and sharing it on social media has become part of everyday life, but that differs from portrait photography.

Hiring a professional photographer ensures you to have photos of your pets looking at their best. It’s very rare that we will print images from our phones or even digital cameras. It’s even rarer that those images are suitable for proper prints. A professional photographer can make sure the images and the print quality are second to none, meaning your pet’s portrait can hang with pride along with the family photos.

You can look back at your day to day snapshots and laugh and smile about the crazy stuff he got up to. The silly angles he liked to sleep in, his nose poking out of his favourite blanket, that holiday you took where he ate your ice cream… but it’s the portraits you’ll look back on with pride. You’ll look back and go “didn’t he look adorable there” or “he looked so handsome in that photo”.

When hiring a professional photographer, there are a few more things to consider than just ‘shall I get my pet groomed?’. Deciding what sort of images you want, do you want casual outdoor photos? Would you like studio photos that will sit nicely with the kids’ school photos? Maybe you want some action shots of your pet?

Pet photography isn’t just a trend for pampered pooches. I strongly believe that it can be a wonderful addition to your family photo collection, and a treasured memory when your pet is no longer with you.

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