Family Portraits

By hiring a professional photographer for family portraits, you will not only ensure yourself that you will have fabulous photos, proudly hanging on your wall. You are ensuring yourself that the memory of that day is captured forever, the memory of being together, loving each other, having fun. You will treasure that forever and be proud of those photos and smile every time you see them on the wall or in an album. You will all remember the experience, starting from the preparation a few days before the photo session, to the last minute when the photographer asked you for that last smile. But what is more important is that by doing this with our kids, we are showing them that we love being together, that we love each other, and we need to capture that love forever at any milestone in our lives.

By doing this, we are showing our kids that we value and are proud of our family and with this, we are teaching them that old saying ‘ do as I do’. As parents, if we want our children to have the respect and love for our family and if we want them to have that same respect and love for their own family in the future, we must teach them by being their best example.

For me, family portraits are priceless, they are our legacy that are living behind us. One day, when we are gone from this world, our children will look for those photos and cherish them forever.

~ Photos from my last week Family Photo Session with Pinky and her boys ~

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