3 Steps That Are helping Me as A Mum And Solopreneur Juggling Between Family Life And Business

As a mum and solopreneur juggling between family life and business, it is not easy, but I have 3 steps that are helping me to manage and do that as smoothly as possible.

  1. Firstly, I Schedule my Time. I block out chunks of time every day for each “hat” that I’m wearing. With one word I become more organized.

2. I Complete Tasks in Batches.

3. And lastly, I Automate as Much as I Can in my Business

By following those 3 steps I’m able to finish all my tasks on time and have more free time for my family. I’ve created a weekly schedule that is easy to follow even if an unexpected event happens. That is the beauty of being my own boss, I can create my own schedule around my family life.

What about you, how do you juggle between family life and business?

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