Did you know that they are 5 online places where we appear with our profile photos?

With your profile photo, not only do you appear on our main social media page as in our profile photo, but you also appear in a few more different places online?

Here are five.

1. In The news feed of our followers – every time we change our profile photo it will appear on our follower’s news feeds

2. In the Posts on our page’s Timeline – every time we post something your profile photo will appear next to it

3. Replies in comments on our posts – it will appear every time we reply to a question or comment

4. The Cover photo on our Timeline – it appears next to our cover photo on Facebook and LinkedIn

5. Comments and posts we make on other pages – it will appear every time we comment or post on someone else social media account

Creating a good profile picture will make collaborating with others easier, especially if we haven’t met them yet because.

If you need help creating the right profile photo, that will represent who you are and what you do, feel free to book a chat with me at ema.p.photography@gmail.com and will go from there.




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