How do you find your clients?

This question comes up often when I talk to other business owners, so I thought, why not write a post about it as it might help you start your dream business or level it up. Here are my three steps for how I find my clients and how I grow my business.

👉Networking: For those that don’t know me well, I’m not originally from Scotland, so when I started my photography business, I didn’t have any family or friends- business owners to recommend my services. So, I started going to as many networking events as possible. No, it was not easy, especially for an extroverted introvert like me, but trust me, it becomes easier over time and with practice. There are many excellent networking groups out there, find a few that are just right for your business and stick with them. But don’t expect to gain instant clients. Networking is for building connections and relationships that in the future will help you to get clients.

👉Consistent Online Presence: Again, for someone like me that didn’t have a client database in this country, consistently showing up online and networking brought me visibility. People got to know who I’m and what I do. By being consistent, I don’t mean posting seven days a week. For some people, that can be seven days a week, and for some, once a week. You just need to decide what works best for you and stick to it. The importance’s to showing up online consistently. And again, this is not an overnight process. It took me a few years to be where I’m now, and I still have work to do.

👉Word of Mouth-Recommendations: This is the biggest for me. But, to reach this step, I needed to network first and be online visible so people could get to know me and start trusting me enough to recommend me, either in person or online, to their friends, family, or clients.

All three steps are connected, and I know this is a long process of starting or growing a business, but I prefer it this way. Think of it as a marathon, not a sprint. I like having lifetime clients rather than one-time clients. What about you? How would you answer the question: “How do you find your clients?” to help someone start or grow their business.

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