~ I don’t know what to do with my hands or how to pose ~

This is one of the concerns most of my clients have before the photo session. And my answer is always the same: Don’t worry you don’t need to know how to pose, that is my job. Before the photo session, I will help you get ready for it. On the day of the photo session, I will gently guide you, telling you what to do every step of the way. And in the end, I can even help you to choose your photos. All you need to do is to relax, have fun, trust the process and let me be your mirror.

Did you know that they are 5 online places where we appear with our profile photos?

With our profile photo, we not only appear on our main social media page, but we also appear in a few more different places online? Here are 5.

1. In The news feed of our followers – every time we change our profile photo it will appear on our follower’s news feeds
2. In the Posts on our page’s Timeline – every time we post something your profile photo will appear next to it
3. Replies in comments on our posts – it will appear every time we reply to a question or comment
4. The Cover photo on our Timeline – it appears next to our cover photo on Facebook and LinkedIn
5. Comments and posts we make on other pages – it will appear every time we comment or post on someone else social media account

Creating a good profile picture will make collaborating with others easier, especially if we haven’t met them yet because.

If you need help to create the right profile photo, that will represent who you are and what you do, feel free to book a chat with me at ema.p.photography@gmail.com and will go from there.

Photo of lovely Roxana’s from her last photo shoot.

~ Personal Brand Photo Session ~

I had the pleasure of photographing this wonderful lady and being part of her working day “A day in the life with Farah”.
Farah is the founder of Farah Hussain Networking. Her events are carefully planned to maximize the quality of networking and she leads each event, using her expertise to guide you through networking. If you are in search of a new networking group and grow your connections you might what to check this group out.

I had a great time photographing her and I can’t be happier with the results. She is just a beautiful person in and out.

3 Steps That Are helping Me as A Mum And Solopreneur Juggling Between Family Life And Business

As a mum and solopreneur juggling between family life and business, it is not easy, but I have 3 steps that are helping me to manage and do that as smoothly as possible.

  1. Firstly, I Schedule my Time. I block out chunks of time every day for each “hat” that I’m wearing. With one word I become more organized.

2. I Complete Tasks in Batches.

3. And lastly, I Automate as Much as I Can in my Business

By following those 3 steps I’m able to finish all my tasks on time and have more free time for my family. I’ve created a weekly schedule that is easy to follow even if an unexpected event happens. That is the beauty of being my own boss, I can create my own schedule around my family life.

What about you, how do you juggle between family life and business?

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Where can I use Personal Brand Photos, is one of the frequent questions most clients ask me and today, I would like to share with you a short list of 10 ideas where you might use your photos. 1. In your Website, to refresh or to build new. And here you can you on all the pages from about page to contact us. 2. Profiles for all your social media accounts and the banners 3. For your weekly social media posts 4. Blogs 5. Newsletters 6. Flyers, brochures, e-books, digital products, presentation PDF’s or any other marketing materials 7. Networking and speaking events 8. Publishing opportunities like articles in magazines, newspapers or a blog guest writer 9. Invitations for your events 10. Landing page for advertising etc. Just from the list above imagine the benefit your business will have from a Personal Branding Photoshoot. Now my question to you is: Where do you most enjoy using your Personal Branding Photos?   Photos of lovely  Gökçe Kutsal. ⠀ #personalbranding #marketing #edinburghpersonalbrandingphotographer #womenentrepreneur #edinburgh #personalbranding #marketing r #personalbrandingphotography #personalbrandingphotographer #morethanheadshots

Family Portraits

By hiring a professional photographer for family portraits, you will not only ensure yourself that you will have fabulous photos, proudly hanging on your wall. You are ensuring yourself that the memory of that day is captured forever, the memory of being together, loving each other, having fun. You will treasure that forever and be proud of those photos and smile every time you see them on the wall or in an album. You will all remember the experience, starting from the preparation a few days before the photo session, to the last minute when the photographer asked you for that last smile. But what is more important is that by doing this with our kids, we are showing them that we love being together, that we love each other, and we need to capture that love forever at any milestone in our lives.

By doing this, we are showing our kids that we value and are proud of our family and with this, we are teaching them that old saying ‘ do as I do’. As parents, if we want our children to have the respect and love for our family and if we want them to have that same respect and love for their own family in the future, we must teach them by being their best example.

For me, family portraits are priceless, they are our legacy that are living behind us. One day, when we are gone from this world, our children will look for those photos and cherish them forever.

~ Photos from my last week Family Photo Session with Pinky and her boys ~

The importance of professional Pet Photography

Meet Charlie, isn’t he cute? I had so much fun photographing him and his family. He is the new family addition and they wanted to have a portrait capturing him being a puppy before he grows, and we all know they do pretty fast. I’m very happy that they did that because they will cherish those portraits forever and that’s why today I wanted to write a little bit about the importance of pet photography.

According to the PDSA, it’s estimated that 49% of UK adults have some kind of pet living with them, with 25% having cats, 24% having dogs and there are over 1 million pet rabbits in UK households too. So, if pets have become a part of our families there’s much more call for doggy day-care, accessories and clothing, great medical care, and yes, pet photography!

I think it’s important to take photos of your pets, but there’s a big difference between a snapshot and a photo portrait. I genuinely believe that each one has its place. Taking a cute picture of your cat playing with her feather toy, or your dog when he’s sleeping upside down on the sofa and sharing it on social media has become part of everyday life, but that differs from portrait photography.

Hiring a professional photographer ensures you to have photos of your pets looking at their best. It’s very rare that we will print images from our phones or even digital cameras. It’s even rarer that those images are suitable for proper prints. A professional photographer can make sure the images and the print quality are second to none, meaning your pet’s portrait can hang with pride along with the family photos.

You can look back at your day to day snapshots and laugh and smile about the crazy stuff he got up to. The silly angles he liked to sleep in, his nose poking out of his favourite blanket, that holiday you took where he ate your ice cream… but it’s the portraits you’ll look back on with pride. You’ll look back and go “didn’t he look adorable there” or “he looked so handsome in that photo”.

When hiring a professional photographer, there are a few more things to consider than just ‘shall I get my pet groomed?’. Deciding what sort of images you want, do you want casual outdoor photos? Would you like studio photos that will sit nicely with the kids’ school photos? Maybe you want some action shots of your pet?

Pet photography isn’t just a trend for pampered pooches. I strongly believe that it can be a wonderful addition to your family photo collection, and a treasured memory when your pet is no longer with you.

New haircut – New Profile Photo

After one year and so, I finally had my haircut done and a few days ago I updated my profile photo on all the platforms that I use. Yesterday while catching up with one of my close friends, in our conversation came up my profile photo change and she said to me: But you look the same why did you change it. And I thought I might tell you the answer because many people have this same question too.

When you have any physical transformation from hairstyle or hair colour, weight loss or gain, new wardrobe style etc, to your family and friends you look the same. I mean, they will notice the change but for them, you will always be you, your authentic self. That is why my friend told me that I look the same because for her no matter what crazy change I do I will always be me.  

But for your clients, that is an entirely different story. Don’t take me wrong, your existing clients will still recognize you but for them and for your future clients that can be a sign of unprofessionalism and that will definitely affect your credibility. In my opinion, to run a successful business you must show professionalism at any time, therefore if any changes happened, from service or staff changing to physical appearance it must be up to date on all platforms that we use professionally.