November The Month of Self Portraits- 6th set of photo

Here we go, another set of photos from my challenge. I was asked why do I do this. Well let me tell you why. I was searching for some printed photos for a family project and guess what? I discover that in the last 8 years, I don’t exist in printed photos. For some time now, I knew that my mum, my mother in law and my sisters were missing from printed photos but from this summer I started to change that. But I never thought of myself. Imagine the shock I had.

When two years ago, unexpectedly, we lost my mother in law, I was lucky enough to create small album with her because I was always taking some snap shots without her knowing it (as she was one of those women who said she is not photogenic) but we don’t have any photos as a family all together from her last years of life. We all know tragic things can happen but we never think that it can happen to us. I can’t get the time back but I promised myself that I will never do that with my mum and sisters.

Now, my sisters and my mum live in two different country’s and it is hard to visit them every year but I promised myself that every time I see them I will document that moment with at least one printed photo and I already started doing that.

But the biggest shock was that I never noticed that I’m missing from printed photos too. And not only for a year or two, I’m missing for 8 years. That’s what made me do this, to expose myself even though I’m a very private person and I am trying to make you ask yourself if you exist in photos of you for your family.

November The Month of Self Portraits- 2nd set of photos

On 1st of November I decided to make this month the month of Self Portraits.The idea came from a very sad comments from most women saying that they are not photogenic and hate being photographed. Believe me I used to hate all my photos too, but for me all that changed when I started my journey with Portrait Photography. I discovered the art of light and posing and how that effects how we all look in the photos and what to do to create great images.Therefore this month I’m challenging my self to be in front of the camera instead behind the camera and create as many self portraits as possible to show you that with the right pose and lighting and the right person to guide you and photograph you we can all be photogenic. And If I can be in front of the camera you can be too.

November The Month of Self Portraits – 1st set of photos

The best way to convince you that we all look amazing as we are NOW, is to share my self-portraits with you. We look great NOW just the the way we are, not when we’ll lose some weight or when we’ll buy a better dress or when our hair grows longer, not 5 years ago, but NOW. With little guidance from me, you can look your very best in every image I capture you in. Join me in this journey and let us be present in photos for our love ones.