Family Portraits

By hiring a professional photographer for family portraits, you will not only ensure yourself that you will have fabulous photos, proudly hanging on your wall. You are ensuring yourself that the memory of that day is captured forever, the memory of being together, loving each other, having fun. You will treasure that forever and be proud of those photos and smile every time you see them on the wall or in an album. You will all remember the experience, starting from the preparation a few days before the photo session, to the last minute when the photographer asked you for that last smile. But what is more important is that by doing this with our kids, we are showing them that we love being together, that we love each other, and we need to capture that love forever at any milestone in our lives.

By doing this, we are showing our kids that we value and are proud of our family and with this, we are teaching them that old saying ‘ do as I do’. As parents, if we want our children to have the respect and love for our family and if we want them to have that same respect and love for their own family in the future, we must teach them by being their best example.

For me, family portraits are priceless, they are our legacy that are living behind us. One day, when we are gone from this world, our children will look for those photos and cherish them forever.

~ Photos from my last week Family Photo Session with Pinky and her boys ~

The importance of professional Pet Photography

Meet Charlie, isn’t he cute? I had so much fun photographing him and his family. He is the new family addition and they wanted to have a portrait capturing him being a puppy before he grows, and we all know they do pretty fast. I’m very happy that they did that because they will cherish those portraits forever and that’s why today I wanted to write a little bit about the importance of pet photography.

According to the PDSA, it’s estimated that 49% of UK adults have some kind of pet living with them, with 25% having cats, 24% having dogs and there are over 1 million pet rabbits in UK households too. So, if pets have become a part of our families there’s much more call for doggy day-care, accessories and clothing, great medical care, and yes, pet photography!

I think it’s important to take photos of your pets, but there’s a big difference between a snapshot and a photo portrait. I genuinely believe that each one has its place. Taking a cute picture of your cat playing with her feather toy, or your dog when he’s sleeping upside down on the sofa and sharing it on social media has become part of everyday life, but that differs from portrait photography.

Hiring a professional photographer ensures you to have photos of your pets looking at their best. It’s very rare that we will print images from our phones or even digital cameras. It’s even rarer that those images are suitable for proper prints. A professional photographer can make sure the images and the print quality are second to none, meaning your pet’s portrait can hang with pride along with the family photos.

You can look back at your day to day snapshots and laugh and smile about the crazy stuff he got up to. The silly angles he liked to sleep in, his nose poking out of his favourite blanket, that holiday you took where he ate your ice cream… but it’s the portraits you’ll look back on with pride. You’ll look back and go “didn’t he look adorable there” or “he looked so handsome in that photo”.

When hiring a professional photographer, there are a few more things to consider than just ‘shall I get my pet groomed?’. Deciding what sort of images you want, do you want casual outdoor photos? Would you like studio photos that will sit nicely with the kids’ school photos? Maybe you want some action shots of your pet?

Pet photography isn’t just a trend for pampered pooches. I strongly believe that it can be a wonderful addition to your family photo collection, and a treasured memory when your pet is no longer with you.

New haircut – New Profile Photo

After one year and so, I finally had my haircut done and a few days ago I updated my profile photo on all the platforms that I use. Yesterday while catching up with one of my close friends, in our conversation came up my profile photo change and she said to me: But you look the same why did you change it. And I thought I might tell you the answer because many people have this same question too.

When you have any physical transformation from hairstyle or hair colour, weight loss or gain, new wardrobe style etc, to your family and friends you look the same. I mean, they will notice the change but for them, you will always be you, your authentic self. That is why my friend told me that I look the same because for her no matter what crazy change I do I will always be me.  

But for your clients, that is an entirely different story. Don’t take me wrong, your existing clients will still recognize you but for them and for your future clients that can be a sign of unprofessionalism and that will definitely affect your credibility. In my opinion, to run a successful business you must show professionalism at any time, therefore if any changes happened, from service or staff changing to physical appearance it must be up to date on all platforms that we use professionally.

The Importance of Posting Photos Of Yourself And Your Team

A few days ago, I was asked why do I post photos of myself on my website or social media. Well, the answer is simple. As solopreneur or business owner I am the face of my business and if I want people to trust me enough and hire me for my photographing services, I need to show them who I am.

The human brain works very funny and usually to memorise something our brain does that by associating thigs. And in this case, the best association is the face with a name. We will much easily memorise a business name or service if we are connecting it with a face.

Even statistics show that whoever has photos of their team on the website or social media has the better chances to get hired for the services or product that they are offering to their clients. Photos of the team as well are helping for building trust and connections before they even contact you.

So, to answer the question of why I post photos of myself is to build trust and connection with my clients even before they contact me.

Headshot | Personal Branding Photos | Roxana Nite

In the past year, all our businesses were, and are still affected by the Pandemic. Some more, some less. In my opinion, the music industry is one of the industries that was hit extremely hard. Not only concerts were cancelled, but music lessons as well. Especially lessons for kids. Some were held online, and the older kids I think managed that relatively well, but imagine how hard it is for the little ones. And how demanding that is for their parents. Many quit because of that pressure, and many from financial reasons, which is incredibly sad for both, teachers, and students, but is understandable. I’m hoping very soon here in Scotland when everything will start reopening indoors, music lessons will resume to some kind of normality.

The lovely lady in the photo is Roxana Nite. She is a Soprano Singer, a Music Teacher and the founder of the Clyde Opera Group in Glasgow that promotes young singers at the beginning of their careers. In the past year, she managed her lessons online and even in these difficult times some of the students participated in international competitions and got amazing results. Alongside the teaching, she has lined up a few new projects as well for Clyde Opera, for whenever they will reopen the doors again and I can’t wait to see what she has created.

The Importance Of Networking

When you start learning about marketing, you will find out that they are many ways of promoting your business, and one of them is Networking. At those events, you will have the chance to meet with like-minded people and introduce yourself and your business. I know for many people this can be a very scary thing to do, but because now all those events are online, I think we should all take an advantage of the situation and boost up our confidence by attending those online events and be more prepared for whenever they will resume face to face. I know I did it.

In the past year due to the Covid restrictions, like many others, I could not work, but that did not stop me from connecting, learning, and growing. I found a few of the local networking clubs that are the right ones for me and my business, and I am attending their events a few times a month. The way I am seeing it, Networking is not a quick fix to your problems, but it is a long-term investment into your business.

That is how I met the lovely lady in the photos, Pinky. She is the founder of, a Global Network for Women. It is a group of lovely ladies that are incredibly supportive, helpful, and inspiring. I absolutely enjoy every session with them and cannot recommend them enough to you.

The Importance Of Headshots And Profile Photos

Before I became a photographer, I had a few different businesses, and I must admit I was one of those people who never knew the importance of headshots or branding photos. For each business, I had a website/blog and social media accounts ready and running, but I was ignoring to add my profile photo in any of them. At that time, I didn’t accept the fact that we all live in digital times, where everything is mostly online, and if we want a successful business, we have to put ourselves out there. I was still a very close-minded person with a strong opinion of “not wanting to expose myself online”.
Little did I know that the profile photo is in fact our first impression for our clients, and we all know how important that FIRST impression is.

Having a good, professionally done headshot is creating trust and credibility for our clients. It connects the brand with the face, and that way, your clients will know, who is the person behind the business and whom they will talk to.

Having a headshot or branding photoshoot is not an expense but an investment that pays off in the end.

So let’s create an image that you are proud of.

I’m now open for booking outdoor sessions for April.

The lovely lady in the phots is Sandra from Chiya & Chai

What should I wear for my Headshots or Personal Branding photoshoot?

What should I wear for my Headshots or Personal Branding photoshoot?

This is one of the most common question that is asked before any photoshoot, and I’m afraid the answer is not simple, but it depends on many factors.

First and most important factor is, what is the purpose for your photos. What is your message you would like to transmit? What is your business? Where is your workplace? How would you like your client to see you? It depends on your personality. What are your brand colours? What is your favourite colour?

Those are just few of the factors and believe me they are many more. That is why, usually, before your photoshoot, you will have a consultation with me, and we will go through all of the questions above and design the shoot for your specific needs and liking.

Here is a simple example of my self-portraits, how the same-coloured top, but different lighting setups, pose, camera angle, eyes expression, hair, make up and background can give you a different message.

Therefore, my personal opinion is to discuss this with your photographer, and he or she will help you to design your photoshoot only for you.


How often should I update my profile photos?

While I strongly recommend that everyone who wants a strong presence online for a successful business needs to update their profile pictures (first to be more consistent across sites and second to genuinely reflect who they are and what they do) a follow-up question always comes up: How often should I update my profile photos?

As a very loose rule of thumb, I would say that changing your profile picture more than once every three months is too often, and less than once every two years is too seldom.

From a personal and social perspective, having an updated profile picture indicates to others that you are active on social media.

Have you ever noticed that people who have an updated, professional, and consistent profile picture seem more organised than those who do not? In my opinion, these days, a social media profile picture is equivalent to what an ‘appropriate job interview outfit’ was 20 years ago. Appearances can speak volumes.

Another great thing about updating your profile picture, is that notifications of this update are pushed up to your network by most of the social platforms and are rate it with higher importance than other content.

Therefore, in summary, I think updating your profile picture should be part of your social media strategy and needs to be done every 3-18 months.

Now, my question to you is: How often do you change your profile photo?