Personal Branding Photoshot | ALICJA, Nutritionist and Personal Trainer | Edinburgh Photographer

Another outdoor and socially distanced photoshoot.

Alicja is a Registered Nutritionist and Personal Trainer with a focus on Pre & Post Natal fitness.

She is fun to work with and truly knowledgeable about what she does. She is as well very genuine in her care for her client’s wellbeing and that is why they have a great result.

Regardless of the weather that day, we had fun and the results of the photoshoot are below.

You can find Alicja at: or

Personal Branding Photoshot | Outdoor and socially distanced photoshoot | EdonburghPhotographer

Another outdoor and socially distanced photoshoot. At every photo shoot for me, the first and the most important thing is trust. I need you to trust me to be your mirror. When I’m in front of you with my camera I know it can be intimidating for a lot of people, mostly because you can’t see yourself how you look and what is your expression, but I need you to think of me like your talking mirror. These days, all the cameras are very smart, but they still are a machine, they cannot see the things as our human eye see them. That is why the trust is very important to me and I promise I will gently guide you into every pose and every expression to be able to capture the authentic you.

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Photo of few Tropic’s skin care products | Product Photography | Edinburgh Photographer

On Friday I received a package with these wonderful products from Michelle Buchan. Michelle is representative of the fastest growing UK vegan line of cosmetic products, Tropic. As I am a strong believer of using or at least trying the locally made products in every country that I lived in, I am very happy that I discovered one more UK made product to try on.

What about you, are you using any of your local products

Why do we need to post photos of ourselfs on our website or social media | Edinburgh Photograpger

A few days ago, I was asked why I post photos of myself on my website or social media. Well, the answer is simple. As solopreneur or business owner I am the face of my business and if I want people to trust me enough and hire me for my photographing services, I need to show them who I am.

The human brain works very funny and usually to memorise something our brain does that by associating thigs. And in this case, the best association is the face with a name. We will much easily memorise a business name or service if we are connecting it with a face.

Even statistics show that whoever has photos of their team on the website or social media has the better chances to get hired for the services or product that they are offering to their clients. Photos of the team as well are helping for building trust and connections before they even contact you.

So, to answer the question of why I post photos of myself is to build trust and connection with my clients even before they contact me.

Now my question to you is: are you posting photos of yourself and your team on your website and social media?