The Ultimate Masterclass

If you’re ready to master your content creation and get visibility in front of the right people, then you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve created this Masterclass to help businesswomen build the foundation they need so they can successfully book clients and sell their services on Social Media.

In this Masterclass, we will cover  4 Modules.

Module 1

📲 Discover your brand values
📲 Identify your ideal client

Module 2

📲 Create your Irresistible Offer

📲 Choose the right social media category and vibe/tone for your business 

📲 Create a standout bio for LinkedIn and Instagram

Module 3

📲 Develop unique, captivating content for social media

📲 Utilize social media analytics to determine what works best for you

📲  3 written Sales Formulas

Module 4

📲 Infuse brand recognition at networking events
📲 Understand the effect of colours in your photos/videos

📲Phone photography

Most importantly, the course will be tailored to you and your brand.

As there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, each session is tailored to you and your brand and business.


This 1:1 over Zoom Masterclass is 4 sessions each of them 2 hours ( 4x2 ) over the course of 4 weeks is £599