Raise your hand if you have a hard time posting consistently on social media?

Personal brand photo by Ema P Photography done in Edinburg



I’ve definitely been there! 🙋🏻‍♀️


Whether it’s because you’re too busy or lacking content inspiration, I think, at some point, most business owners go through a bit of a “posting block”.





So I thought I’d share a few tips that might help get you back on the content creation if you’ve been struggling lately:

💥 Do a brain dump of all your content and caption ideas. Just write your ideas down on paper, and as you write, think about your dream clients and what they need or would want to learn from you. I get inspiration for social media posts from everyday life, so I always carry a little notebook with me to write them. But your phone can work too.

💥 Batch your content a week or two in advance. Initially, I hesitated about batching and worried my words would seem too forced. But actually, having some content ready and waiting to post has freed me up to be more creative. It’s eased my stress, knowing I always have something to use if inspiration doesn’t naturally come.

💥 Hire a Brand Photographer so you have a library of beautiful on-brand images that you can quickly and conveniently choose from. (You probably knew I was going to say this, right?!) But in all honesty, having a bank of photos ready to use is going to SAVE YOU SO MUCH TIME! There’ll be no more searching your laptop looking for old pictures to reuse, no more nagging your partner or kids to take “just one more photo”, and no more trying to figure out your camera or phone settings or spending endless time setting up scenes to only capture just one photo.

Whilst a brand shoot may be an investment now, in the long run having a tonne of brilliantly on-brand visual content will not only pay off in saving you time, but it’ll elevate the look of your business and help you to attract your ideal clients.

“But they are just photos”


How many times have you thought about this when a photographer talks about their work/photos. Be honest and admit to yourself. And don’t worry you are not the only one.

Even though we live in a digital era where mostly everything is online, so many business owners underestimate the power of the image

I can talk I lot on this topic but for now, here are three facts about why your brand images are not just photos:

👉They are your business/brand window shop. With most businesses online now, your social media accounts become your shop, and our photos are your window shop. Clients will stop and look at your window shop/photos before they decide if they want to enter your store/read your post.

👉They are your visual voice. With your brand photos, you will send your brand’s message faster about what you do. Research shows that your brand photos will reach your clients 60 000 times faster than a written post. But together, photos and words can be your brand’s powerhouse.

👉But, one of the most significant benefits is that they are your confidence buster. When you find the right photographer, even if you are not confident in front of the camera, with their help you will create images that you will love. When you love your photos, you defiantly will post them with confidence and often. The more you share them on social media, the more you will become confident in showing up online for your business. The more you show up, the more you become visible and grow your business.

Those are just a few of the benefits of your Brand photos for you and your business and trust me, they are many, many more.

So, NO they are not just photos. In a nutshell, they are your tool for growing your business.

Should I invest in a Personal Brand Photoshoot?

As small business owners, it can sometimes feel like there’s more money going out than coming into our business! So how do you decide what to invest in, to help you bring more sales in and grow your business?⁠

Ask yourself, is this going to help you connect with new clients, and potentially bring in more sales?
If the answer is yes, then booking a Personal Brand photoshoot, should be on your priority list.

⁠Personal brand photos can help you be visible, attract the right clients, connect with them, and grow your business, which will, in turn, help you make more money.

You will never regret investing in your own business and being proud of the image you project out to the world.

Book a chat with a photographer that you like and admire their work and start working together on growing your business.

And if that’s me, then let’s chat.


Have you ever thought about what your Personal Brand is?

For some of you, the question might actually be…what even is a Personal Brand?

It’s often not the first thing you think about when you start a service-based business.

Most of you will probably have an idea about what ‘Branding’ is, i.e the process of having your brand brought to life, like colours, logos, marketing strategies, etc.

But do you actually know what a brand is?

In essence, your brand is your PROMISE. It’s what your clients come to expect from you.

And one thing to know about your personal brand is that you already have one! Whether it’s deliberate or not you’re already putting out lots of stories and information about you and your business every day, both online and offline.

This means that your audience will have an opinion about you whether you want them to or not!

So, wouldn’t you rather that opinion of you be one that you’ve curated? A deliberate decision from you? An intentional delivery of your message?

If this is blowing your mind right now how about giving the concept a little experiment?

Go ask 5 people in your audience to describe you in 3 words. If there are any common themes that come out, that’s the core message/feeling that you’re putting out there!

Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the details of what YOU want your brand to be. But it’s equally so important to remember that your personal brand is what OTHER PEOPLE SAY about it when you’re not in the room.

So, focus on that.

P.S If you need help creating the curated image/visual message of your brand, feel free to DM me.